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Carragher hails Sterling as a key player in England

Sterling as a key player in England. In the group stages of the game the team to the friction. Especially Harry Kane scored, not even one child. But it is Raheem Sterling scored two goals in the field of 3 shots. Helping the England national team to successfully pass the group stag. After that Gareth Southgate sent Raheem Sterling into the field continuously and seems to have done quite satisfactory results. He played an important role in helping England reach the semi-finals of Euro 2020 successfully.

Of course, Raheem Sterling continues to get chance to play a real match against the Danish national team and also as a penalty for the team in minutes at 104 before Harry Kane will. Missing and repeating shots helped England reach the final and for the first time since 1966, England reached the final in a major tournament with Jamie Carra. Guer also praised he for his excellent performance on the pitch.

“Raheem Sterling is arguably England’s best player for Euro 2020, although many disagreed with Gareth Saugett’s transfer of Raheem Sterling. The field is a real continuation, but I see that he is the main character of the England national team in the era of Gareth Southgate for the past 2-3 years plus the national team. England has focused on speed players and he is well suited to start the England squad.”