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Neuhaus insists he hasn’t signed for Bayern

Florian Neuhaus, midfielder from Bruscia Monchengladbach, has yet to contract with Bayern Munich and says he is still happy with the same team.

Bundesliga club Florian Neuhaus has said he has not reached an agreement to join Bayern Munich, as the news has been reveal earlier.

Neuhaus, 24, from Gladbach has been outstanding for some time with Gladbach. Which has led him to be linked with a number of European teams. Such as Bayern Munich and Liverpool, although there were rumors that he had agreed to join Bayern. Advance in 2022 already.

Florian Neuhaus has come out in an interview. That “I read in the news that a deal has been close for me to join FC Bayern in 2022, which I can deny now. I haven’t signed anyone but Borussia Monchengladbach. Right now it makes me feel very at home.”