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Torres returns to “Atletico Madrid” coach

Last season’s La Liga champions Atletico Madrid have announced that they have signed legendary striker Fernando Torres. Returned as a coach for the Under-19 team.

This is his second return to this job after he took the position in February. He only worked for a month. Before requesting a break from this job for personal reasons

However, Atletico Madrid have confirmed Fernando Torres has returned to coach their Under-19 youth team. The club briefly said of his return: “Fernanno knows the club very well. including our academy We welcome home.”

Torres is considered the hottest child of Atletico Madrid. He spent his childhood and early days with the club. before he joined Liverpool in 2007.

Torres scored 121 goals for Atletico Madrid from 351, as for the Spanish national team. He scored 38 goals for Spain in 110 appearances, helping Spain win the 2010 World Cup and the 2008, 2012 Euros.