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Tokyo Olympics announce athletes to pick up medals around their necks

Tokyo Olympics, the AP news agency reported that athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Must wear a medal for himself to prevent covid-19.

Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan It will begin on July 23 amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most recently, Thomas Buck, president of the International Olympic Committee. Come out to reveal about the process of awarding the medal ceremony that will change from the previous one.

At the Olympic Games this time. Athletes who receive medals must pick up medals around their necks instead of receiving them. To prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Bug revealed the process of receiving the medal, saying, “A medal is not award by an athlete’s neck. but will be placing the medals on the tray. The athletes then take their medals and strap them on themselves.”

“Anyone who puts the coin on the tray must wear sterile gloves only. so that athletes can be confident that no one touches the medal before them.”