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Harry Kane confident England rewriting history

Striker Harry Kane England captain out of the final game before Black Sunday night that Italy has historically been better. But Harry Kane insisted that England had full confidence in rewriting history.

    “It’s been a long journey. It was a difficult journey. Throughout our journey there have been ups and downs,” said Kane.

    “But to play and lead players to our first final Our First European Football Final And our first final in 55 years is even more special.”

    “The excitement is already there. I’m sure there must be a little concern. But we’re just looking forward to it. You must use these moments. and enjoy these moments of history. And hopefully we can go one step further. and can overcome”

    As for the Azzurri, having won four world titles and one Euro, Kane knows his opponents on Sunday night have better history. But he also pointed to his experience with the England national team.

    “I think it’s a 50-50 game, of course Italy has a better history than us in terms of winning tournaments. Winning the Major Finals But I think in our team Many of them have club-level experience. We are playing in the greatest game. The biggest final of Europe”

    “It was a very difficult game. It is clear that from our point of view We have full confidence in what we are doing. and our way But it will be a difficult game.”