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FIFA has confirmed that football time will not be reduced to 30 minutes per half

Earlier, Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reveal. That FIFA is preparing to make a major change in football with five new rules. Including a reduction of 45 minutes per half to 30 minutes, unlimited substitutions. , Change a throw-in to a kick if the ball goes off the side the player receiving a yellow card must leave the field for 5 minutes. Including being able to drib the ball from a corner kick.

Fifa will bring the five rules that have been change to be teste in the U-19 football tournament “Future of Football Cup” in the Netherlands. Before having discussions for further official adoption.

As a result of this matter, it resulted in widespread criticism. Fifa recently issue a statement saying it would not change any of the rules. As report by the media, “Fifa wants to clarify erroneous reports that have been publish in the media in recent days. There is currently no intention to experiment with any of the changes cited in these reports.”