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Barca plan to discuss wage cuts for Pique, Busquets

Barcelona are planning to negotiate a pay cut for three veterans Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba after the season is over.

Spanish newspaper Marca reports that Barcelona have a long-term plan for the club’s finances. One of the strategies need to emerge this summer is to ask veteran players Pique, Busquets and Alba. To agree salaries from their current contracts ufabet.

News reports stated that Barcelona’s board sees a cut in salaries for veteran players. Such as Pique, Busquets and Alba as a priority. Even those players agree to postpone their salary until the end of the contract. And waiver of certain bonuses But this will be the first time the club has requested a pay cut.

Barcelona will need to plan their finances carefully ahead of time for the chance to reinforce their big-name squad this summer. Despite the possibility of reaching an agreement with CVC with BLM. Including the sale of Barca Studios, some parts are still going. But still not enough and will have to reduce the salary of three seasoned characters.

This method could work in Busquets‘ case as the midfielder’s current deal expires in 2023, so he could agree to extend his contract and receive the money that would be owed to him next season over several years instead. It’s not as simple as that with Pique, whose contract runs until 2024, when he will already be 37, while Alba is in a similar boat as he will be 35 when his deal runs out in the same year. Tough decisions are ahead for Barcelona and their captains.