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5 hot issues, Chelsea invaded to beat Liverpool

Liverpool will be a bit disappointed when they have 45 minutes more players than Chelsea’s side, but piercing the net doesn’t just split the points. By this game, it was the “Blues” side that led first from Kai Havertz‘s header, but the “Reds” equalized in the end of the first half from Mohamed Salah’s penalty. There was also drama when Reece James is card for handball. Must watch the game of the team’s Thomas Tuchel, who rarely gives the opportunity to shoot in focus. Let’s take everyone to delve into the interesting points in this game.

1. Important turning point

In the first half, Chelsea took a while to find their own rhythm. The atmosphere at Anfield puts pressure on the visiting team as well, but when “The Blues” enter the game They continued to jeopardize the Reds’ defensive line until they took the lead with a beautiful header from Kai Havertz. 

    After taking the lead, Tuchel’s team continued to attack and create shot chances. Until there was a turning point in the game when Reece James handballed into the box. At first, referee Anthony Taylor was still unsure of whether the penalty should be award or not, so he walked to the sideline monitor to take a look at the retrospective himself. 

 It didn’t take long for him to come back to give a penalty and give James a red card. Of course, the Chelsea side would not be satisfy with the decision. Looking at the slow motion you can see that the ball hits the leg first and bounces back to the arm which, as a rule, doesn’t count as a handball. But this time, James was on the goal line and the ball bouncing off his leg was about to pop into the goal. It was up to him. Try to use your arm to push the ball out. 

    This is why James was shown a red card. Which is no surprise that Chelsea’s side may look a bit too strong. But have to admit that this event became the turning point of the game that made the second half “Sing the Bull” have to adjust the tactics big.

2. Applaud the game against Chelsea

Sir Alex Ferguson once said: “A good attacking game will win you. But a good defensive game will make you a champion.” Having said that, I’m not at all surprised that Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League last season. And the second half of the game proved that they were really strong.

    With 10 men left, Tuchel adjusted his tactics by removing N’Golo Kante and Kai Havertz, and sending Mateo Kovacic and Thiago Silva on the pitch (for Caen). Te is report to have a slight injury) in the centre-half to praise Kovacic, who did an excellent job of getting the ball out of the danger zone and surviving well in the press.

    While the defensive panel stood out, everyone from Andreas Christensen, who cleared the ball up to seven times, to Cesar Azpilicueta. Six tackles and nine clears while Antonio Rudiger was fearlessly coping with Salah. In addition, another person to watch is Marcos Alonso. Who in addition to coming down to help the defense (6 tackles) is also involved in helping to fill the attacking game all the time, ending with Edua. Mendy, who made six saves, deserves the best goalkeeper of the UEFA. One point is really worth it for Chelsea.

3. Elliott Rewarded the Opportunity

Harvey Elliott has moved up to play in the first team fully this season. And he got the chance to start his first Premier League game against Burnley last week. When he was named in the starting XI for a big match against Chelsea, Liverpool fans couldn’t help but worry about the 18-year-old midfielder being able to handle the pressure in such a big game. But when you look at his works, you must say…no worries!

This young man was very confident in possession of the ball. He has been very active in linking the attack on the right flank, with Elliott nearly scoring in the first four minutes from a 25-yard shot just off the post. And before the end of the first half he had a chance to shoot with his right foot that was not dominant over the bar. But overall, the youngster Elliott acts in the offensive game as well as playing in the first team for a long time.

    Fighting world-class midfielders Kante and Jorginho has not been easy, but Elliott has exceeded expectations and many consider him to be the Reds’ best performing midfielder in the game. Liverpool have been spoiled by the absence of Georginho Wijnaldum, but Elliott may be the one to fill the gap.

4. Three attackers are difficult to stop – Kai shows great

Before the game, many would have focused on the clash of Romelu Lukaku, one of the hottest forwards and strong centre-back, Virgil van Dijk, but Jürgen Klopp has said. In a press release that Chelsea is not only good Lukaku alone, but also has a lot of danger. Which is exactly what Klopp said before the game.

    Lukaku has turned out to be a good lure for Van Dijk to follow. He may not have won against the Swans centre-back, but it has given way for Kai Havertz and Mason Mount to freedom. more attacks After Chelsea took the lead, it was clear that the chances of the visiting team’s shots came in succession from both of them. Of course, you have to keep an eye on Lukaku in particular, but you also must not neglect Mount and Havertz, or you will be penalized.

At the same time, have to watch Havertz’s finish with a header that slips into the second post is more than the word “perfect”. Unfortunately, Chelsea must have 10 players left, otherwise we would have Seen more offensive games from the Blues But only in the first half they showed that the front three are ready to harm every team in the Premier League.

5. Swan sees a problem

This draw felt like a defeat for the “Reds”, but it wasn’t the end of the world. At least they’ve seen problems since the beginning of the season. There is still plenty of time for Klopp to find a solution. They obviously ran out of ideas for what to do when their opponents defended deep, a sight most Reds fans saw last season. And most of the chances came from shooting from the second row rather than in the box.

    Moreover, Liverpool’s subs, apart from Diogo Jota, are yet to be seen as likely to create a sudden turning point. Plus, they have also sold an offensive line like Xherdan Sagiri, before the end of the transfer window at the end of this month, the Reds may need to find additional attackers to strengthen their squad. Whether it’s a striker or an attacking midfielder Swan fans would be happy that no one came in at all.